Posted on 31 Jul 2014

Skipfish是由google出品的一款自动化的网络安全扫描工具,该工具可以安装在linux、freebsd、MacOS X系统和windows(cygwin).



Libidn pcre libssl


$ Make

生成执行文件 skipfish


$ touch new_dict.wl #创建字典
$ ./skipfish -o output_dir -S existing_dictionary.wl -W new_dict.wl



skipfish web application scanner - version 2.10b
Usage: /home/admin/workspace/skipfish/skipfish [ options ... ] -W wordlist -o output_dir start_url [ start_url2 ... ]

Authentication and access options:

  -A user:pass      - use specified HTTP authentication credentials
  -F host=IP        - pretend that 'host' resolves to 'IP'
  -C name=val       - append a custom cookie to all requests
  -H name=val       - append a custom HTTP header to all requests
  -b (i|f|p)        - use headers consistent with MSIE / Firefox / iPhone
  -N                - do not accept any new cookies
  --auth-form url   - form authentication URL
  --auth-user user  - form authentication user
  --auth-pass pass  - form authentication password
  --auth-verify-url -  URL for in-session detection

Crawl scope options:

  -d max_depth     - maximum crawl tree depth (16)最大抓取深度
  -c max_child     - maximum children to index per node (512)最大抓取节点
  -x max_desc      - maximum descendants to index per branch (8192)每个索引分支抓取后代数
  -r r_limit       - max total number of requests to send (100000000)最大请求数量
  -p crawl%        - node and link crawl probability (100%) 节点连接抓取几率
  -q hex           - repeat probabilistic scan with given seed
  -I string        - only follow URLs matching 'string' URL必须匹配字符串
  -X string        - exclude URLs matching 'string' URL排除字符串
  -K string        - do not fuzz parameters named 'string'
  -D domain        - crawl cross-site links to another domain 跨域扫描
  -B domain        - trust, but do not crawl, another domain
  -Z               - do not descend into 5xx locations 5xx错误时不再抓取
  -O               - do not submit any forms 不尝试提交表单
  -P               - do not parse HTML, etc, to find new links 不解析HTML查找连接

Reporting options:

  -o dir          - write output to specified directory (required)
  -M              - log warnings about mixed content / non-SSL passwords
  -E              - log all HTTP/1.0 / HTTP/1.1 caching intent mismatches
  -U              - log all external URLs and e-mails seen
  -Q              - completely suppress duplicate nodes in reports
  -u              - be quiet, disable realtime progress stats
  -v              - enable runtime logging (to stderr)

Dictionary management options:

  -W wordlist     - use a specified read-write wordlist (required)
  -S wordlist     - load a supplemental read-only wordlist
  -L              - do not auto-learn new keywords for the site
  -Y              - do not fuzz extensions in directory brute-force
  -R age          - purge words hit more than 'age' scans ago
  -T name=val     - add new form auto-fill rule
  -G max_guess    - maximum number of keyword guesses to keep (256)

  -z sigfile      - load signatures from this file

Performance settings:

  -g max_conn     - max simultaneous TCP connections, global (40) 最大全局TCP链接
  -m host_conn    - max simultaneous connections, per target IP (10) 最大链接/目标IP
  -f max_fail     - max number of consecutive HTTP errors (100) 最大http错误
  -t req_tmout    - total request response timeout (20 s) 请求超时时间
  -w rw_tmout     - individual network I/O timeout (10 s) 
  -i idle_tmout   - timeout on idle HTTP connections (10 s)
  -s s_limit      - response size limit (400000 B) 限制大小
  -e              - do not keep binary responses for reporting 不报告二进制响应

Other settings:

  -l max_req      - max requests per second (0.000000)
  -k duration     - stop scanning after the given duration h:m:s
  --config file   - load the specified configuration file

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